Year 10 Drama

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: A. Hagan

Course content: The drama course in Year 10 focuses on developing dramatic performance skills. Students learn to participate, contribute and manage themselves. Students practise applying drama techniques and conventions (ways and means) to engage the audience by making the elements of the play (what, where, when, why) clear and interesting. The ultimate aim is to present a performance for public viewing. This will be a short play or Masked Movement to present to another Junior class during the school day. There will be an opportunity to attend a professional play in the evening. Will Drama be right for me? Yes! – if you are a student who is motivated and not afraid to perform in front of your classmates and an outside audience. It is okay to be shy as long as you strive to overcome that shyness. Ultimately we are trying to build up confidence.

Learning Areas:

Year 10 Options Line 2


Performing Arts L1

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

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2017 Costs were:
$2.50 for mask making materials

Stationery: 1B8 Book & coloured pencils