Health L1

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: S. Mortimer

Health education covers broad and diverse topics, which aim to improve critical thinking around current issues relating to health. Students explore in depth the underlying concepts: attitudes and values, hauora/well-being, health promotion and the socio ecological perspective. Students learn about their own position on issues and explore others opinions by applying the underlying concepts. 

This course can lead to careers as a Teacher, Counsellor, Nurse, Special Education Teacher, Psychologist, Social Worker, Youth Worker, Police Officer, Ambulance Officer, Community Worker and Health Sciences. 

For more information, please see Head of Health & PE Mrs Lemon 


Health L2

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

$30 for a workbook

Pathway Tags

Diversional Therapist, Acupuncturist, Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor, Registered Nurse, Air Force Airman/Airwoman, Air Force Officer, Paramedic, Pathologist, Animal Care Attendant, Statistician, Army Soldier, Medical Physicist, Audiologist/Audiometrist, Beauty Therapist, Biomedical Engineer, Biomedical Technician, Biosecurity Officer, Phlebotomist, Tattoo Artist, Dairy Processing Operator, Cardiac Physiologist, Physician, Surgeon, Midwife, Dental Assistant, Retail Sales Assistant, Podiatrist, Chiropractor, Elected Government Representative, Emergency Management Officer, Insurance Claims Officer, Medical Laboratory Scientist, Clinical Coder, Dental Technician, Psychologist, Interpreter, Community Karitane, Pharmacist, Pharmacy Technician, Oral Health Therapist, Dentist, Diagnostic Radiologist, Dietitian, Dispensing Optician, General Practitioner, Gynaecologist/Obstetrician, Psychiatrist, Driller, Early Childhood Teacher, Economist, Human Resources Adviser, Environmental/Public Health Officer, Firefighter, Pest Control Technician, Health and Safety Inspector, Health and Safety Adviser, Health Promoter, Health Services Manager, Health Care Assistant, Naturopath, Immigration Officer, Veterinarian, Massage Therapist, Medical Laboratory Technician, Radiation Therapist, Nanny/Child Carer, Navy Sailor, Navy Officer, Occupational Therapist, Osteopath, Physiotherapist, Quarantine Officer, Radiation Oncologist, Youth Worker, Secondary School Teacher, Social Worker, Teacher Aide, Speech-Language Therapist, Sterilising Technician, Psychotherapist, Support Worker, Ophthalmologist