Resistant Materials Technology – L3

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: M. Ashford-Beck

Recommended Prior Learning

Priority given to those who have completed Y12 Technology

Course highlights: This L3 achievement standard course is offered for students interested in engineering, architecture, or product design. Students gain technology skills and knowledge through designing and making a project using a range of resistant materials such as metal, wood and plastic. 


Students will be given a project brief and expected to research design solutions, develop concept designs, and based on stakeholder feedback, make a 3D model of the final design to ensure it is ‘fit for purpose’.


Students will then build their project using resources in both the metal and wood technology workshops. While in the workshops they will learn about safety, project planning, material properties, and experience using a range of tools and machines.


Students are encouraged to use the school’s cnc router and laser cutter to create special design features for their project.


Vocational Pathway: Manufacturing and Technology, Construction and Infrastructure, Primary Industries.  


This course can lead to: Further study at University or other Tertiary Institutions. 


For more information, please see Mr Ashford-Beck or Mr W Steffert

Learning Areas:


Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

$120 – special materials/resources additional