Biology L3

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: S. Rekatsinas

Recommended Prior Learning

Pre-Requisites: Completion of Biology Level 2 recommended with passes in at least two of the external examinations at this level, or in consultation with the TIC of Biology.

Note: Final course content is subject to the discretion of the TIC of Biology. AS91604 is an optional internal. Most students sit at least two externals.


Course Highlights:  The Year 13 Biology course serves as a good general grounding in the Biological Sciences including preparation for further study at a tertiary level. For students not intending to further their Biology studies past this level the course will help them to be able to make informed decisions around contemporary Biological issues. 


Vocational Pathway: This course can lead to careers in: Manufacturing and Technology, Primary Industries, Social and Community Services. 


This course can lead to:  Continuing with tertiary studies in the Biological Sciences in preparation for a wide range of career options.


For more information, please see Teacher in Charge of Biology, Mr Rekatsinas

Learning Areas:


Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Course Costs: Course manual $25 approx. Material costs $10 and field trip costs may also apply.

Pathway Tags

Health Sciences, Forestry, Agriculture/ Horticulture