Health L3

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: S. Mortimer

Health education covers broad and diverse topics, which aim to improve critical thinking around current issues relating to health. Students explore in depth the underlying concepts: attitudes and values, hauora/well-being, health promotion and the socio ecological perspective. Students learn about their own position on issues and explore others opinions by applying the underlying concepts. 


Vocational Pathway: Primary Industries, Social and Community Services, Services Industries. 


This course can lead to: careers as a Teacher, Counsellor, Nurse, Special Education Teacher, Psychologist, Social Worker, Youth Worker, Police Officer, Ambulance Officer, Community Worker and Health Sciences.


For more information, please see Head of Health & PE Mrs Lemon

Recommended Prior Learning

HoL Approval

Pathway Tags

Teacher, Counsellor, Optician, Chiropractor, Nurse, Special Education Teacher, Tertiary Lecturer, Social Worker, Youth Worker, Police Officer, Trainer, Ambulance Officer, Community Worker