Vocational Pathways

Vocational Pathways

A Vocational Pathways Award can be achieved as part of Level 2 NCEA when students gain 60 credits in specific Pathway subjects, including 20 Level 2 credits from
specific sector related standards achieved through a Pathways course. The skills and achievements developed in a particular pathway are valued in the work place when you apply for a job and start your career. The Vocational Pathways Award is achieved from the following six pathways:

  • Construction and Infrastructure
  • Creative Industries
  • Service Industries
  • Manufacturing and Technology
  • Primary Industries
  • Social and Community Services.

Subjects with standards which count towards a Vocational Pathway Award are shown on the following table. Not all standards offered in this Subject Selection Guide will count towards a Vocational Pathway Award. Please check during course counselling that you are taking the right standards to achieve a Vocational Pathway Award. Sector related standards for each pathway can be found in each of the Vocational Pathways books, in the Careers Room.

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